Lime & Fertilizing

What is lime?

landscaping_ee3bf92c9bcaa972981b0f985e0d4a6dLime is ground limestone. It raises the pH of soils (more alkaline). Lime also adds calcium to the soil, which can make stronger plants. Some people swear that lime also improves the soil structure and keeps moss and weeds down.Too much lime can have negative effects on our drinking water and it can damage plants when over-used.  The best time to add lime is in the fall, just after you’ve cleaned up the vegetable beds and raked the leaves off the lawn.  Lime takes a long time to work it’s way into the soil. It works slowly; you won’t see result for a while.

What is fertilizer?

yearly_fertilization_diagramLawn or garden fertilizer can be a variety of different ingredients. The basic answer is: fertilizer is nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Fertilizer feeds plants and soil that may be lacking nutrients. It can be all organic or all chemical.Wait a minimum of 30 days after you lime before adding fertilizer. Lime and nitrogen counteract each other. They neutralize the other one and actually turn into ammonia. The basic meaning is: all the money you just spent on lime and fertilizer was a big giant waste. That’s why we lime in the fall and wait until spring for the first fertilizer application. The years we lime the lawn, we skip the fall & winter fertilizing. Plants, just like us, don’t like living in ammonia.


T & T Landscaping Offers:

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  • Winterizer Fall 22-3-14
  • Scotts Turf Builder 29-3-4
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