Premium Double Shredded Mulch

double_shreaded_hardwood_mulchDouble shredded mulch is made from processed stumps and logs, predominately oak and other hardwoods.  3-4 inches of cover is recommended to smother weeds and retain moisture in garden soils.

  • All wood-based mulches fade and breakdown, but fading is the leading cause for homeowners to remulch.

  • Dyed mulches are more expensive and hold their color longer than natural mulches. Some consumers are concerned about the source of the “waste wood” (shredded pallets?) used in some dyed mulches on the market. Remember, the dye can stain things.

  • Don’t OVER mulch – One or two inches is enough when remulching, since most wood-based mulches ‘crust over’ and repel water. Watch for “mulch build-up” in annual remulch situations.

One cubic yard contains 27 cubic feet
(Volume = 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet)